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Executive Team


Ryan Allen, BA Hons, PGCE

Education Consultant

An Education Consultant and trained school teacher with over 13+ years of classroom teaching in primary and secondary schools in London. Ryan is a private tutor to children in year 4 to GCSE level. Ryan is a mentor to undergraduate students studying in London.

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Dr Rakish Rana

Dr. Rakish Rana, PhD

Executive & Life Coach

Dr. Rakish Rana is a highly accomplished academic with a BSc in Chemistry, MSc Analytical Chemistry and a PhD. in Toxicology. He is also accredited as an Executive Coach from the AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching).

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Community Connected Is Stronger

Everyone needs a mentor or coach, and with changing times, we at ZOOMMRALLEN decided to open a virtual place where university students and parents can join the virtual community on a ZOOM Conference Call.

Every week, Ryan and Dr. Rakish Rana will open up a FREE ZOOM Drop-In Community Hub to share helpful tips about home-schooling and managing the pressures of studying at university, with an aim to offer advice and solutions to ease the burden.

Every Wednesday and Thursday, we will open the Virtual DROP-In Room for you to join. The details will be posted on our Facebook page here.

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