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If you would like to discuss your child's learning needs and tuition, please complete the form below to schedule a 15-minute FREE Consultation.


After the consultation, an Initial Assessment is scheduled to find all

learning gaps and a clear plan of action is drafted. The plan is shared in a confidential document for the parent or guardian to approve.


Lessons are then pre-booked in advance and learning begins.

Covid-19 has caused many children to miss out on a whole year of learning, so we integrate the previous year into the tuition plan, so they get the chance to catch up.

We suggest to all parents, guardians and carers a minimum of 6-months tuition to see improvement in a child's skills and ability. 

Our Fees 

Initial Assessments  

£45 per hour

Primary School Students

£30 per hour

Secondary & A'Level Students

£35 - £65 per hour

University Graduate Mentoring*

Hourly sessions £55

Career Guidance

Exam Anxiety Support

Studying Plan & Time Management

*Please email us to book your FREE telephone or online zoom consultation to discuss your needs. 

Please Note: All parents, guardians and carers receive regular progress reports from Mr Allen, including live updates on lessons with details of homework. We require the most recent academic school report, so we can assess how a child is performing, which will guide our planning for each online lesson. Students must be on time and have ALL their equipment for the online lesson. If a student is unable to attend a class, please notify the tutor at least 2 working days BEFORE the lesson is due, so preparations can be made to reschedule the lesson planned.   


Please Note: All parents, guardians and carers, Zoommrallen (Mr Allen) do not provide refunds for a fully paid 4-week block of lessons. When a 4-week block has been booked this is a formal confirmation that you are committed to the block of lessons at the point of purchase. We plan in advance - a full 4-week block of all lessons, which includes our planning time - where we are committed to delivering the highest standards of teaching.

We appreciate all circumstances, but any block of lessons is a confirmation by payment, that you value our expertise and wish to get the best support and guidance for your child. If you have booked two months in advance - we will refund the second month of lessons booked to be refunded as we plan the first 4 weeks in advance of any lesson.

If you would like a refund for the pre-booked second - 4-week block of lessons, please email us at: We rarely have requests for refunds, but we will do our best to support your needs.

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