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Tutoring your kids online,

so they learn, and you get a break.

Homeschooling is too stressful.

Teaching is a skill. I understand how you feel.

You want to help, but kids and work, 24/7, is hard. 

Let Mr Allen take care of the learning for you. 

We care about you.
You shouldn't have to struggle.
Ryan Allen

Education Consultant & Private Tutor

Hello, my names Mr Allen and I've been a class school teacher and private tutor for over 15 years, working with year 4 children up to A-Level. I've had the unique opportunity of working with primary to secondary students. A seasoned professional with the ability to get results for my students and most of all your children. 

All my English and Math's virtual classrooms are run through the ZOOM Video Conferencing platform.

How to book lessons

Book a Consultation by email with Mr. Allen

Parents book a 4-week

block of lessons online 

Lessons start following 

an email confirmation.  

Children on Fishing Boat

Book a Virtual English, Maths Class or Mentor.

Our Students

We work with children who attend primary or secondary school, who need extra support in English and Maths, or who are planning to sit entrance exams for the 11 Plus. Students of all ages find learning challenging, especially university graduates, so we also provide hourly mentoring sessions for those who need guidance, advice with studying techniques, anxiety or career progression.

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Ayad Ridha
Sarah Rust
MR ALI Building Construction


Virtual Classrooms for Year 4 to 11.

With the recent events and school closures across England and Wales, we are here to support children in these very difficult times. ZMA run online secure classrooms using the ZOOM platform. Children are registered and lessons are conducted in the same way as they would in a traditional classroom setting. We teach English and Maths for key stage 2,3 and 4 children.

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